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Kings and Pharaohs 2

Kings and Pharaohs

Was Joseph's ruler a King or a Pharaoh? Advances in our understanding of the ancient Egyptian language called "hieroglyphics" have led to the Qur'an's use of the terms 'Pharaoh' and...

Pharaoh's Protected Body 1

A Sign For The Later Generations

And We brought the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh with his hosts pursued them in rebellion and transgression, till, when the (fate of) drowning overtook him....

Abbas Qasim Ibn Firnas

(Andalusia 810 - 888)

Ibn Firnas - Islam and aviationHistorical sources record that Ibn Firnas of Andalusia also made a new discovery at the end of his long studies and built a device, put a cloth over it and attached large bird wings instead of wings, and by operating this device, he took off and flew.

Moreover, he says that he soared in the air like a bird for a long time and then slowly descended to the ground. Abbas Qasim's achievement predates the Wright Brothers in the West by 1023 years, who built and flew airplanes.

He is considered to be the inventor of eyeglasses, having invented glass with the ability to be corrected. He also built a "Planetarium" (celestial atlas) that shows the sun and planets in motion. Ibn Firnas used this device to study the stars as well as the clouds and lightning.