On this website, we dealt with the material effects of religious truths rather than spiritual effects. The aim is in no way to underestimate the spiritual aspects. Our main purpose is due to the fact that religious facts are considered unscientific by some circles due to the importance given to science today. Islam is a permanent and rational religion that appeals to all times.

Islam, The Qur'an and Science

Yushidi Kusan
"I can say that I am very impressed because I have found astronomical facts in the Qur'an, and we are intensifying our efforts to understand even the smallest piece, especially for modern astronomers like us who study even the smallest part of the universe. Because using telescopes, we can only see the smallest parts of the sky without thinking about the entire universe. So I think I can find my future path to my universe research by reading the Qur'an and answering questions from the Qur'an."

Prof. Yushidi Kusan

Director of Tokyo Observatory

Alfred Kroener

"I think it is almost impossible for Muhammad to know about issues such as the common origin of the universe, because scientists have learned that this is the case in the last few years through very complex and advanced technological methods. 1400 years ago, a person who didn't know anything about nuclear physics, for example; He can't find the answers to the other questions we've discussed here. Many of the testimonies mentioned in the Qur'an were not yet proven at the time, but modern scientific methods are now in a position that proves that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said 1400 years ago."

Prof. Alfred Kroner

Professor of Geoscience

Keith L. Moore

"It was a great pleasure for me to clarify the expressions about human development in the Qur'an. I'm sure that God gave these statements to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), because most of this information was not discovered until centuries later. This proves to me that Muhammad (pbuh) is the messenger of Allah."

Prof. Keith L. Moore

Professor of Cell Biology

E. Marshall Johnson

"As a scientist, I can only deal with what I see for sure. I understand embryology and developmental biology. I can also understand the words translated to me from the Qur'an. If I could take myself to that era with what I know and what I can define today, then I wouldn't be able to identify what was described. So I see no contradiction in the idea that there is divine interference in everything written in the Qur'an."

Prof. E. Marshall Johnson

Professor of Anatomy and Developmental Biology

Jeffrey Lang

"The definitions of many signs of the Qur'an that are believed to predict recently established facts today seem consistent and deliberately ambiguous, from a degree of clarity that contradicts the level of knowledge of any reader of any age avoided. If the Qur'an had handled these phenomena (the theory of the big explosion, the division of the atom, the expansion of the universe, etc.), they would have been known to former Muslim scientists. A truly wonderful feature of the Qur'an is that these signs do not lose anything from one generation to another; each generation has found them in line with the current information situation."

Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Lang

Professor of Mathematics
Creation of the Universe

Creation of the Universe

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