On this website, we dealt with the material effects of religious truths rather than spiritual effects. The aim is in no way to underestimate the spiritual aspects. Our main purpose is due to the fact that religious facts are considered unscientific by some circles due to the importance given to science today. Islam is a permanent and rational religion that appeals to all times.

Darkness and Waves in the Seas

Or (the condition of the deniers) is like darkness in a deep sea. There covereth him a wave, above which is a wave, above which is a cloud. Layer upon layer of darkness. When he holdeth out his hand he scarce can see it. And he for whom Allah hath not appointed light, for him there is no light.

(Nur 40. Verse)

Darkness upon darkness

Surah Nur 40. verseThis verse mentions the darkness found in the deep seas and oceans. Clouds both reflect and transmit the sun's rays and prevent some of the light. This is the first layer of darkness. Water reflects some of the light that is born and gradually absorbs the rest by reducing the depth. The ocean gradually darkens because the layers of colors are gradually darkened due to layer disappearance, which occurs in layers of dark light.

In deep seas and oceans, darkness is found in 200 meters and deeper. There is almost no light at this depth, and as in the verse, "Man can hardly see him if he comes out of his hand." Under 1000 meters deep is pitch black. People can't dive more than 70 meters deep without the help of special equipment. For these reasons, scientists have only been able to learn more about the seas recently. Giving such information at a time when there is no equipment to allow man to dive deep into the oceans is certainly one of the miracles of the Koran.

Waves upon waves

Inner Waves

At first, a lot of people couldn't understand the phrase "wave-on-wave" in the verse, and they thought it was a literary expression. Because when we look at it, we only see waves above the sea and think that the bottom part is stagnant water.

Scientists have discovered that there are sub-surface waves occurring between different layers of density in the last century. These inland waves cover the deep waters of the seas and oceans because the deep water has a higher density than the water above it. Inner waves act like surface waves. They can break like surface waves. Internal waves are indistinguishable by the human eye, but can be detected by examining changes in temperature or salinity in a specific location.

These waves can be very large with heights up to 100 meters and hundreds of miles wide. In the ocean, such waves usually occur when tides cause water to move over submerged mountains on the ocean floor. Inland waves play an important role in mixing different layers of water in the oceans, which affect the climate. This type of mixing rate remains one of the areas of uncertainty in existing climate models. 1http://news.mit.edu/2010/peacock-waves-0428

God knows best of all.

Quran and Modern Science – Dr. Zakir Naik
International Commission on Scientific Signs in the Qur’an and the Sunnah

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