Health Benefits of the Koran

O people! A reminder from your Lord has come to you, a healing for those in the hearts, and guidance and mercy for the believers.

(Yunus 57. Verse)

It is estimated that more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from the negative effects of depression. Antidepressants are recommended by doctors as a treatment, but instead of full recovery, quite a large number of patients are exposed to serious and harmful effects of drugs, along with partial or no recovery.

Spirituality is often based on coping with mental problems or stress. The effects of faith are now considered not only a matter of faith but also of science. On this subject, Head of the Department of Surgery at Howard University, Dr. C. Callender said: “Miracles of spiritual healing should be regarded as the newest medical technology.” 1Mike Fillon: Science and Spirit, p. 37, Kenneth Pargament: the Psychology of Religion and Coping. p. 210

benefits of reading quran

Reading or listening to the Quran provides significant benefits to general health along with stress, mental health and memory. Especially stress can pave the way for the development of many diseases, negatively affect the immune system, and over time a more conducive and more acidic environment occurs in our body for diseases. The immune system and the nervous system are closely related, and the brain and immune system interact routinely in both disease and health. 2

It is a condition that Allah declares in the Qur'an that those who are far from spiritual ity live with such stress, "Whoever turns away from my remembrance has a distressed livelihood for him..." (Taha 124)

Some scientific studies on the positive health effects of the Holy Quran:


“Attention to the important factors in strengthening memory leads to the improvement of the learning process of students. Different methods have been designed in this area, but we certainly cannot accept and implement them all for students of different ages. However, by listening to the Qur'an for 15 minutes a day, we can improve students' memory without using any other skills or training. Therefore, it is recommended that academic centers and school administrators use this strategy as a memory enhancement technique and monitor their students' success.” 3

listen to the quran“Recitation of the verse of the Qur'an stimulates the formation of Alpha waves and a more relaxed atmosphere that allows the individual to learn in a calm state and receive the necessary information for problem solving. In conclusion, this study showed that neural feedback training and Ayetel Kursi application for stimulant affected memory development among participants. There is a difference between the effects of Ayetel Kursi during reading and listening during training.”4

"This study was conducted to investigate the effects of memorizing the Qur'an on the academic success and socio-cultural life of hafiz.5Hafiz (plural huffâz), an adjective derived from the root hıfz meaning "to protect, to memorize" in Arabic, means "who preserves, memorizes" in the dictionary, and who memorizes the entire Qur'an is called hafiz. For this purpose, 36 Hafiz examples from different colleges and universities were discussed. The results were compiled and evaluated as SPSS, Content analysis technique and percentage. The results revealed that there was a significant difference in the academic success of Hafiz before and after memorization. Content analysis also showed overall positive effects on Hafiz's education and socio-cultural life." 6

“In this study, the variables before and after listening to the Qur'an on 50 participants were used. Participants consisted of 26 men and 24 women aged 19-22. All participants received two tests. The first test was done without listening to the Quran and the second test was after listening to the Quran. All participants performed a memory test using a memory running software program. The results showed that the average ability of short-term memory without listening to the Quran is 11.8 and the average ability of short-term memory by listening to the Quran is 12.62. Based on these results, it is known that listening to the Qur'an provides a significant increase in the ability of the brain." 7

"This research explores and compares the effects of listening to the Quran and classical music on the human brain wave using EEG. The EEG signal was recorded for three situations before, during and after listening to the Koran and classical music. 28 healthy participants were randomly selected among mara university students between the ages of 20-28. During this experiment, each sample was exposed to The Surah Yasin from the Qur'an and Canon D in Pachelbel's classical music. Interview sessions were held before eeg signals were obtained. The correlation results between left and right brain waves show an increase of 12.67% when listening to the Koran, and the increase in classical music is at 9.96%. This finding shows that listening to the Quran enhances the alpha band more than listening to classical music." 8


“A total of 168 participants were randomly divided into three groups. Quran broadcast with translation to group I, II. The group received the Qur'an broadcast without translation and III. The group was the control group. After the intervention, perceived stress, state anxiety, trait anxiety and depression scores in group I and group II were significantly lower than the control group. The Holy Quran with or without translation is effective for reducing stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy."9

benefits of quran reading to the brain, psychology

“From the study, it has been proven that the EEG power spectrum is higher in the frequency range of the alpha band while reading the Quran compared to reading a book. Besides, the FFT analysis shows that the Alpha wave is higher when reading the Qur'an than when reading a book. In conclusion, based on the analysis of each band wave from standard 10-20 electrodes, it is suggested that the recitation of the Qur'an leads people to rest and calm down." 10

"The results showed significant differences in average mental health scores between test and control groups after listening to the Koran (P = 0.037). There was no significant gender difference in the test group before and after the intervention (P = 0.806). These results suggest that listening to the Koran may be recommended by psychology experts to improve mental health and calm down further." 11

“Human emotionality affected by the recitation of the Qur'an is clearly presented according to the relevant studies. There are many factors that affect human emotions, such as heart rate variability and respiratory behavior. The recitation of the Qur'an has provided significant relief, which may be due to the fact that the Qur'an has a special effect on the human heart, causing certain hormones and chemicals to be responsible for relaxation." 12


Those who do not seek healing from the Qur'an will not be healed.

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Allah knows best in everything.

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